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Certain levels of the HPE Software Support Online site are restricted to customers with a valid HPE Software support contract and may require sign-in registration.

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Access to software support online

There are three main levels of access to HPE Software Support Online, that will be segmented by: "All users", "HPE Passport required", and "Active contract required". The following chart outlines the available information and support services within each access level:

Sign on requirements

Available information

All users
No sign-in required
  • FAQ & User guides
  • Support Contact & Community
  • Links to available services where registration is required
  • Registration link to HPE Passport
  • Services collateral: datasheets, service descriptions
  • Support contact numbers by country
Requires HP Passport account to access. = HPE Passport required
(Support contract not required)

Requires HPE Passport account to access content.
  • Click 'Register for HPE Passport' link to sign up for an account.
  • Click 'My Software Support sign-in' to access content.
  • Email notifications
  • Manuals
  • Obsolescence information

Requires an active contract to access. = Active contract required

Requires an active service agreement ID (SAID) and an HPE Passport account to access content. The SAID must be added to your HPE Passport profile.

Check your support contract information to validate your access.

If you have an (SAID) but are unable to access support, please sign in with your HPE Passport ID and use the Dashboards menu to submit a new Service Request to 'Investigate Contract' and follow the on-screen instructions.

To obtain a support contract, use the Dashboards menu to submit a new Service Request to 'Sales'.

  • Case management (log/track service requests)
  • Enhancement requests
  • Knowledge base
  • Patches
  • Integration Portal
  • Support matrices


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