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Additional license authorizations for Applications Delivery Management, Enterprise Security, Information Management & Governance, IT Operations Management and Platform software products, available in English (.PDF) Learn more about the Applications Delivery Management, Enterprise Security, Information Management & Governance, IT Operations Management and Platform products that have product-use authorizations and access the latest version of each product's additional license authorizations (ALA) document.
Check entitlement  Review your support contracts
ELA quick start guide and FAQ (.PDF) Information and frequently asked questions for ELA customers on how to use the new SAWS functionality on the SW Licensing portal
Licensing & Support guide (.PDF) Useful information on obtaining your software license keys during business hours as well as emergency license keys. This document also shows how to request help from regional support teams.
End user license agreement Standard end user license agreement for Software products.
Licensing portal demos Demonstrations for key activities on the Software Licensing portal: company & user management; activations; rehost; target name & use; cumulative licensing activation; and upgrades & migrations.
Non-production licensing guide  Learn more about the various ways we provide customers software licenses for non-production use.
Software license activation quick start guide (.PDF) Learn how to activate an order and obtain a license key via the Software Licensing portal.
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