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Support Matrices for Operations Center products
Title :
Support Matrices for Operations Center products
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Tue Jan 15 13:58:42 GMT 2019
Summary :
The support matrices for Operations Center products (starting with the release OMU8 and OMW8) is the compatibilty in its environment and using a new interface SUMA (using HTML/JavaScript).

SUMA - SUpport MAtrix interface

SUMA is an easy-to-use support matrix that allows users to find the information they are looking for with a few clicks. A simple, intuitive interface enables you to quickly find out whether a configuration is supported by a certain product or not.

Pre-requisite to use SUMA:

·         Web Browser with JavaScript enabled.

·         We strongly recommend using a recent Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browser to view and query SUMA data.

Download instructions:

1.      Download the SUMA interface files by clicking on the following link: SUMA 15 Jan 2019. Extract all files to a folder.

2.      Open SUMA.htm

3.      Read the online-help for instructions on how to use SUMA.

Covered products:

The support matrices of the Operations Bridge Suite and of the following products can be found in SUMA:

  • Operations Bridge suite (classic deployment)
  • Operations Bridge suite (container deployment)
  • Operations Bridge Manager / Operations Manager i  
  • Operations Bridge Business Value Dashboard (BVD)
  • Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA)   (version 3.02 and later)
  • Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR)   (version 10.21 and later)
  • Operations Connector (for older versions: see BSM Connector)
  • Cloud Optimizer (for older versions: see Virtualization Performance Viewer)
  • Operations Agent
  • OMi Management Packs
  • Operations Smart Plug-Ins
  • Operations Manager for Windows
  • Operations Manager for Unix
  • Reporter
  • Performance Manager