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Micro Focus Software Support has created Support Customer Forums for our customers with valid support agreements. The new forums are staffed by Micro Focus Software's expert team of support engineers, who are actively monitoring posts and prepared to answer your questions.

In addition, two different types of events are held in our Support Customer Forums. Our Meet the Expert videos are recorded sessions led by senior Micro Focus technical support experts, and contain product-specific demonstrations. Also, Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HP experts! These events include Micro Focus product, R&D, support team members and other employees who join the online forums to answer your toughest technical questions on specific software products.

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Online Expert Days





Certificates and key stores in NNMi Network Node Manager May 3rd
Any Topic Service Manager May 16-17th
Any Topic IT Asset Manager May 23-24th
Any Topic SiteScope May 23-24th
Any Topic Operations Manager i May 30-31st

Meet the Experts Videos




Defect List Customization in ALM Quality Center
Commuter Licenses for UFT Functional Testing
How To Setup Websphere 8.x Application Server monitor using internal java SiteScope
Using the OMi CiGenerator tool with BSM 9.23 BSM
How to upgrade HP PPM from v.9.10 to v.9.20 Project and Portfolio Management
Deploying Service Pack 2 for HP PPM v.9.2 Project and Portfolio Management
Enabling Configuration Text Indexing - HP NA v.9.1 Network Automation


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