Change Requests (CR) go through a number of stages which are described here.


Change Request State Definitions

State Definition
Submitted The Submitted state is the initial state of the CR when it arrives in the tracking system. At this point, no engineer has been assigned to investigate and/or fix the requested change. 
Investigation The work done in the Investigation state is to determine if there is sufficient data to resolve the problem and to classify the severity of the change request. If there is sufficient data, the CR is further researched to determine a cause, any possible solutions, and whether the CR will be fixed.
Action Work on the CR is planned or in progress. This is the state of the CR when the lab implements and tests the solution. 
Completed The resolution of the CR has been released as an official patch or will be available in a new release of the product. The work on this CR is complete. 
Closed - No Change The decision has been made that no further action will occur. The CR may be closed for the following reasons: not in plan, user misunderstanding, not reproducible, or the product is performing as intended. The work on this CR is complete. 
Duplicate This state is used when it is determined that the CR reported is a duplicate of another CR. Progress can be tracked by monitoring the CR that has been identified as the original. The work on this CR is complete. 
Deferred The CR has been reviewed and it has been determined that it is a valid request, however we are unable to address this issue at this time. The CR may be reviewed in the future as we evaluate this request against other business needs.