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ITOM Idea Exchange
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ITOM Idea Exchange
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operations bridge containerized ; business process monitor ; network node manager ispi for performance ; network operations management express ; operations manager for windows ; server automation ; it ops compliance ; operations bridge ; network node manager spi for alcatel ip telephony ; universal discovery for oracle lms ; operations orchestration ; backup navigator ; network node manager spi for avaya ip telephony ; network node manager secure polling agent ; data protector ; operations dashboard ; cloud optimizer ; operations manager for unix ; operations agent ; cloud service automation ; network node manager spi for mpls vpn ; operations bridge manager ; application performance management (bac) ; network node manager spi for snmpv3 ; asset manager ; performance manager ; network operations management premium ; connect it ; obm management pack ; network node manager ; network node manager spi for ip multicast ; service manager ; operations bridge reporter ; network node manager spi for cisco ip telephony ; operations manager for linux ; operations bridge analytics ; database and middleware automation ; codar ; network operations management ultimate ; vm explorer ; universal cmdb ; network node manager ispi for net ; sitescope ; network node manager spi for advanced routing ; network automation ;
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Wed May 30 21:29:15 GMT 2018
Summary :
Please see attached for additional information. Idea Exchange is a web-based platform where users can submit Enhancement Requests (ERs) / new ideas to improve ITOM products, engage in dialogue with our Product Managers and SMEs, and vote on ideas that you would like to see in the products.