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Services Integrator overview & features


The Services Integrator (SVI) Program is the highest level of collaboration for support services between Micro Focus and selected software business partners.

It's no ordinary partner that earns the privilege to become an SVI partner. SVI partners have a proven level of Micro Focus software expertise and capabilities to provide comprehensive support on Micro Focus products. The SVI seal is given only to those partners who have the skills, infrastructure and professionalism to interact with the customer in all matters of Micro Focus and the commitment to meet Micro Focus' high service performance standards.


By combining strengths, SVI partners and Micro Focus are committed to providing customers with optimal Micro Focus support.

  • As a customer of an SVI partner, you work with a complete end-to-end solution provider, supporting all aspects of your business computing needs.

  • The SVI partner stays with a customer throughout the solution life cycle - from design and deployment into support & maintenance.

  • Customers work directly with the SVI partner at all times. The SVI partner knows and understands the customer's IT environment and challenges. They've been with the customer through the tough implementations and deployments. Based on this the SVI partner can provide customers with optimal support and maintenance.

  • Micro Focus' superior support services organization and infrastructure ensure the SVI partner is enabled to be a valuable support provider, with direct access to the Micro Focus support specialists, ongoing partner management and contract management assistance.

The combination of the SVI partner's capabilities with those of Micro Focus enables these partners to deliver a high-quality end-to-end solution.

The Services Integrator Program currently is available in the Americas, Asia Pacific (AP) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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