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Security Access Manager Feature on MySupport
Title :
Security Access Manager Feature on MySupport
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Wed Jun 20 19:07:50 GMT 2018
Summary :
Security Access Manager allows a MySupport user or users to manage Entitlement IDs that belong to the account.


Security Access Manager, or SAM, is a feature on MySupport allowing an authorized user control over the Entitlement ID use by others. Through SAM, the manager of the account can evaluate requests for use of the Entitlement ID. The manager can choose to accept or reject such access.



The process begins when a MySupport user selects the option to add an Entitlement ID. At that moment, a manager of the account’s entitlements receives a notification. The manager follows the instructions to locate the request for access. At this point the manager can choose to accept or reject the request. Upon choosing the option to accept the request, the submitter receives a notification of approval which will grant permission to access entitled content as well as Service Request searches, submissions, and updates. A rejection, will send the notice to the submitter and the Entitlement ID will be flagged as rejected removing the submitter’s opportunity to resubmit the request.


Entitlement Management

The following are instructions for enabling Entitlement Management for an account:
  1. Access the new MySupport
  2. Log in with your Passport
  3. Once logged in use the SETTINGS or GEAR menu in the top right where your name is and click on Manage Entitlement
  4. On the displayed page you should see a list with your organization name: < Organization name listed >
  5. To the right click on the Action button
  6. You’ll see three choices:  Entitlement/SAIDs, Users, Requests
  7. For this example click on Entitlement/SAIDs
  8. On the next screen click on All and then the magnify glass
  9. You’ll see your SAID(s) listed
  10. Click on the SAID and then Users in the pop up window
  11. This will provide a list of users that have the SAID in their profile
  12. Review the list.  If someone needs to be removed click the box to the left of their name and then the Dissociate button
  13. The user will be removed


Manage Requests for Access

The following are instructions for enabling Entitlement Management for an account:
  1. On the same screen you are on now, click the Request button to the top of the screen/box
  2. If you are just logging in, repeat steps 1-6 above.  At step 7 choose Requests
  3. There are two fields to search within:  Status and Search by.
  4. Status will allow you to look for All, Approved, Denied, Pending
  5. Search By will allow you to select Date Range, Entitlement/SAID, e-mail
  6. Set status to All and leave Search to Select and click Search
  7. You’ll get a list of all the requests
  8. If any are Pending click Pending and you get a screen that allows you to Approve or Deny
  9. Approve or Deny the request