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This page contains links to all documents related to the Micro Focus software support offerings. For more information our software support offerings, please visit our page on the Micro Focus webpage or log into the MySupport (formerly Software Support Online [SSO]) Portal.

Note, this webpage pertains to support coverage for software products previously offered by the software business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and now offered by Micro Focus International plc.

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Reactive technical Support, offering unlimited incident logging, fast response time objectives, self-solve knowledge, product updates, and much more.

Effective 15 January 2018, upon purchase of new licenses and effective 1 March 2018 for support renewals, Micro Focus Business Support replaces Micro Focus Enterprise Support.

Micro Focus Business Support Agreement:


Follow the Sun and prioritized support, with access to new functionalities, reactive technical support, self-solve knowledge, and product updates. A prerequisite to Micro Focus FlexCare Support.

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  • Click here to access the Micro Focus Enterprise Support webpage

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